Top 10 Natural Mood Elevators

Top 10 Natural Mood Elevators

Whether it be depression, anxiety or just a general low feeling, it can feel near impossible to find a way to lift your mood naturally.

So I went on a hunt to find the Top 10 Natural Mood Elevators and here they are:

1. L-Theanine – the great thing about L-Theanine is that it makes you feel relaxed without feeling completely sedated. It has also been shown to reduce stress levels!

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2. Ashwaghandha – is a well studied adaptogen that in over 300 studies has shown promise for treating insomnia and stress-induced depression. In fact it can significantly reduce the cortisol in your body!

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3. Rhodiola Rosea – This root is commonly used in Chinese Medicine for a variety of symptoms including depression and it’s gaining popularity in the Western World as a natural anti-depressant.

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4. Panax Ginseg – is another adaptogen that helps the body cope with daily stress. Find it on Amazon here.

5. Magnolia – Magnolia bark has been used in Chinese medicine since 100 A.D. to nuture wellbeing. These days Magnolia extracts are frequently used to decrease anxiety and nervousness and to improve sleep.

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6. GABA – Is not a herb but is an amino acid in the brain that is responsible for producing a feeling of calmness. Having a low level of GABA neurotransmitters has been linked to depression, anxiety, excessive stress and poor sleep.

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7. Oat Straw – otherwise known as Avena sativa has many active compounds that handle the chemical and biological effects of stress on your nerves and throughout your body. This makes it a great a candidate for treating anxiety.

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8. St John’s Wort – is a well known medicinal plant but what you might not know is that its old botanical name, Hypericum, is said to mean ‘rising above one’s daemon’. So for centuries people have been using St John’s wort to lift their mood out of dark places. People who have suffered from anxiety and depression often report that it makes them feel calm and uplifted.

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9. 5-HTP – is the precursor to serotonin which you might have heard of before. It’s often called the happiness neurotransmitter. Taking 5-HTP increases the serotonin in your brain and as a result you feel more happy.

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