Cancer Prevention and Diet

Cancer Prevention and Diet

The contents of this article are limited to information about diet and to a discussion of cancer prevention—not treatment. Prevention of cancer in a person who has never had cancer is called “primary” prevention. Primary prevention is the focus of this article. This article includes a discussion of studies that have assessed whether certain dietary ingredients may be beneficial in connection with the reduction of risk of developing cancer.

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Can Vegetarian Diets Reduce Risks Of Cancer

Can Vegetarian Diets Reduce Risks Of Cancer?

It is a well-known fact that plant foods are the most nutritious for the human body. Nature did its job by providing us with fortifying natural foods that when eaten in their whole and natural states provide us with energy, good health and the ability to prevent chronic disease. Now if we can just stay away from the drive-thru and put down the Twinkies we may all live to be a hundred years old.

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